Our Story


ReCharged was established to help expand the number of free public electric vehicle charging stations in urban areas, where residents in high-rises have little to no charging access. We designed our stations to enhance awareness and education around charging infrastructure, provide additional incentives (without costing taxpayers), to help increase adoption and dramatically improve air quality.

Enhanced Mobility

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, the car sharing capital of the world, ReCharged understands the importance of electrifying these vehicles. Having EVs in car sharing fleets has many benefits, including, increasing awareness, helping to “normalize” electric cars, while enabling more people to experience driving an EV. However, deploying costly infrastructure is a significant barrier facing the adoption of EVs to car sharing fleets, which is why ReCharged is here to help, with our ad funded stations.

The EVolution

Recognizing that the world is in a rapid state of change, ReCharged has created much more than just a charging station. We are developing a platform to help Cities support the integration of autonomous electric vehicles. Utilizing vehicle to infrastructure communication, we enable autonomous cars to know when and where parking/charging is available, helping to reduce congestion in urban areas.

What could be better?
Give back to your Community

Once established, ReCharged is committed to allocating a portion of our profits to help kick-start more philanthropic ventures, such as the installation of large solar arrays on schools. We feel that this will increase education around renewable energy sources, provides free energy to schools, while supplying the electrical grid with additional energy all summer long.

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